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yourDRONEGUY specializes in aerial flight photo/videography.  Our pilots are certified by the FAA, experienced in every application of drone flight, and use state of the art industrial standard equipment. The days of paying some high priced pilot to run one take fly overs of your property are over. We are expedient, efficient, and AFFORDABLE. We offer a wide variety of media packages to include traditional photography, aerial photography, aerial videography, and virtual walkthroughs. 


Don't waste your time or hard earned money paying some fly by night, weekend rip off, so called photographer to bring their GoPro strapped toy quad out to your place of business. They will be here today and gone tomorrow.


Let us be yourDRONEGUY and you will experience first class customer service, high quality media products, and a partner in your success that you can count on.

Call or email yourDRONEGUY NOW to schedule your flight.

CALL NOW: 281.964.7064

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