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Are you a REAL ESTATE BROKER, REALTOR, or AGENT looking to sell properties FASTER and for MORE MONEY?

Do any of the three situations apply to you?


(1) You NEED AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY on every listing that has your brokerage and brand attached to it! 

Split Oak Circle-42.jpg

(2) You NEED FAST TURNAROUND TIME on photos so you can increase lead time for finding buyers!

DJI_0024 copy.jpg

(3) You DESERVE a company that partners with you in a way that serves and promotes your brand EFFICIENTLY, AFFORDABLY and EFFECTIVELY!

A starting remote pilote with yourDRONEGUY is required to have 2000 hours of flying experience. Our consistency is a result of MANY YEARS of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in flight and photography!

Don't accept UNEDITED, RAW photos for your clients!!  Listings with our photos SELL FAST!

Our videos will ELEVATE your brand!

We want to partner with you and your brand to increase your footprint in your market.  It is our goal to make the process of selling homes SIMPLE, FAST AND EASY; Selling so fast, affordable and easy that you continue to think of us as a profit-creating partner!  Read our story.

If you have ever hired a photographer, you know that there are several factors and variables to consider in making a buying decision.  We strive to make all those decisions easy with yourDRONEGUY.  We start your project immediately and can provide 24-hour turnaround for all of our subscribers.

When we create promotional videos for our clients, we consider all the variables.  From the customers our clients serve, to their current online and digital marketing strategies and even the choice of music and colors, everything we do is customized to our clients needs.  Take a look at our process.

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